What Homes Will Look Like in 2021

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What Homes Will Look Like in 2021

January 23, 2021

Our homes have taken on a whole new meaning this past year, in large part to the amount of time we’ve spent in them. With this closer contact has come a clearer sense of what we want in our homes. With layouts, colors, form and function, people planning on moving into one of Creekstone’s Firestone CO new homes may have some different ideas from what they wanted in the past.

One of the biggest things designers see people looking for in a home now is a focus on comfort and functionality. Of course, this has always mattered, but plush and cushy and rounded may take precedence over Instagram-style glamour. Form and function are likely to be equally important.

Plus, our homes are meant to be our personal sanctuaries. They’re a place for us to feel safe, grounded and relaxed. One way to do so is by filling them with colors and textures that help create those feelings and that kind of secure atmosphere. Think of warm, soothing colors, soft, cozy textures, and rounded shapes. Many chairs and sofas are likely to have rounded edges and more filling, creating a space to sink into and feel relaxed and secure.

Not surprisingly, there’s also a turn toward greenery within homes and the use of a lot of natural fibers and materials. Light-colored natural wood pieces are more likely to be used in dining furniture, side tables, bed frames, and more. Wood flooring is likely to be light colored and smoother in appearance with fewer knots and grains visible. In fact, there’s an overall aim toward warm minimalism.

Some of that warm minimalism may be done through some bespoke, store-bought, or DIY cabinetry that allows you to still have all of the things you need for daily life — just kept out of view behind attractive covers. This isn’t your traditional minimalism, though. This is about warmer tones, natural wood, and warm accent colors, with rounded and fluted furniture shapes instead of the traditional sharp lines. Less is still more, but with a slightly laxer approach. When it comes to decorations, focus more on art and rugs, rather than window treatments and matching furniture sets. Choose individual pieces of furniture that complement and enhance each other, without being strictly matched.

Ultimately, you may see more homes with layouts that offer a bit more privacy. Open floor plans have been common for ages now, but you may find more layouts with a few extra separate rooms, or at least more definition between open spaces, such as dining rooms having half walls or columns, and kitchens feeling framed through cabinetry and the popular kitchen island.

At Creekstone, we’ve understood for years the importance of the kitchen as the heart of so many family homes. It’s a place where food is certainly prepared and eaten, but it’s also a place where families gather to share their days, work on homework, work from home, as well as entertain family and friends. We’ve designed our homes to encourage a sense of warmth, comfort, relaxation, and family bonding — just what is needed this year. Explore our variety of home designs, which offer a great mix of openness, as well as places that give everyone that important personal space. Our Firestone CO new homes are sure to meet your own personal wants and needs and fit your current lifestyle and still be able to meet needs as they change in coming years. Contact us today to learn more about how our homes comfortably combine form and function.

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