Viega ManaBloc Plumbing Essential in New Homes

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Viega ManaBloc Plumbing Essential in New Homes

October 23, 2022

When building new homes in Colorado Springs CO, we make every effort to ensure our homes are comfortable, meet all of your needs, but are also environmentally friendly, with high energy saving ratings. One of the ways we do this is by offering the Viega ManaBloc plumbing systems. They’re very affordable and save you time, energy, water, and money and are likely the future of home plumbing.

Essentially, the ManaBloc system provides you with centralized control of your entire plumbing system. From this central station, the system can channel water from your water supply throughout your home, using PEX tubes, rather than copper. This reduces the number of fittings behind the wall, which also reduces potential leak points. Anyone who has had a water leak in their home knows the frustration and mess – and costs – that go with it.

In addition, the system allows you to use multiple fixtures at the same time, without losing significant pressure or temperature. Plus, you have easy shut-off access, rather than potentially multiple locations for shut-off. All of this helps make the system energy efficient and cost effective.

The Viega ManaBloc is essentially a long box with multiple ports on each side. The average number of ports is 24, allowing you to have 24 separate lines. The system is also available with only 14 points, but you can also go up to 36. The number depends on your home. The box hooks up to your water source and heater, and from there it distributes the water via the tubes. There are two tubes for each source – one for hot and one for cold.

This gives you further control, as you can cut off the hot water if necessary, but still have cold water. Also, if there’s a plumbing emergency with just one water source, such as a sink, you can cut off the water just for the sink without having to cut off the water to the rest of the home.

Thanks to the more efficient setup, you waste less water because the tubes store less water, so you’re not flushing out as much water when you need hot water. This not only means fewer temperature fluctuations, it also means more efficiency with less water usage, saving you money in the long run. Plus, even with multiple sources using water at the same time, you will have fewer issues with water pressure and temperature, which is particularly useful for families.

As you can see, the Viega ManaBloc plumbing system makes a lot of sense and gives you more peace of mind when it comes to plumbing. Plumbing emergencies strike dread in most homeowners, but this system gives you more control and reduces the likelihood of major leaks. If you’re considering one of our new homes in Colorado Springs CO, we encourage you to include this easily affordable system in your new home, especially as it has a 10-year warranty for even more security. Contact us today to learn more about it and how it will further improve the energy efficiency we aim for in every home we build.

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