Top Tips for Hanging Curtains

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Top Tips for Hanging Curtains

May 30, 2020

Depending on blinds and the framing surrounding your windows, not everyone chooses curtains. Yet in most homes, they really do add a nice finishing touch, even if you never close them. However, the right curtains can also provide privacy, shade and enough darkness to help you sleep. With so many types of curtains and styles of hanging them, figuring out how to hand the right ones for any of the Firestone CO new homes may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some top tips to help you hang curtains throughout your home.

Unless you’re going for a very specific look, your curtains should always have enough fabric to cover your windows completely. Ideally, you want twice as much fabric as the window width to provide the proper draping and balance. This is especially important if you’re using blackout drapes in a bedroom, because you don’t want a bright seam of sunlight ruining the effect first thing in the morning. Even if you don’t plan on closing the curtains regularly, the amount of fabric keeps the curtains from looking like an afterthought.

Next up comes the placement of the curtain rod. If you hang it too close to the top of the window, it can create a sense of shortening and make your room feel squat and the ceiling seem low. Unless you’ve got floor-to-ceiling windows, you typically want to mount the curtain rod four to six inches above the window. Many people choose to take it close to the ceiling, especially with larger windows, as it helps draw the eye up and make the space seem taller.

As for the width of the curtain rod, it should usually be eight to 12 inches wider than the width of the window. This leaves four to six inches on each side for the curtains to be pulled aside properly and let in light when you want. The type of curtain rod you choose depends on the look you want, ranging from sleek wood to wrought iron with decorative finials on the ends. Just make sure the rods are strong enough and the supports are in place to hold up the weight of the curtains. You’ll need a center support for the rod if you have large, wide windows to avoid a center droop.

Finally, it comes time to choose the appropriate curtain length. While some people like half curtains in the kitchen to provide some privacy but still let in light, for most rooms, you want full-length curtains. Short curtains tend to make windows look smaller and the overall space smaller. On the other hand, you don’t want curtains that are pooling extensively on the floor. They can be a hazard and likely become toys and napping spots for pets and young children. A little light draping on the floor is ok, but ideally they should reach just to the floor or stop just before the floor. The best way to measure, since there are a variety of stock lengths in curtains, is to measure from the floor to where you expect to hang the curtain rod. You can adjust the rod placement or the curtain length accordingly. If it’s not a perfect match, aim for a smidge too long than noticeably too short.

Curtains don’t have to be heavy fabrics that become the focal point, with braided ropes and tassels, but they can be if that’s what you like. They can also be sheer, light, panels in a variety of shades or or prints for a subtle finish. For a simple, clean room, you could get away with a nice print for added decoration, or you could choose a solid color in a simple midweight fabric that complements your accent colors. With the variety of options available, it should be easy to find curtains that match your personal style and tastes.

For more inspiration, check out our model home and our portfolio to get some new curtain ideas and learn more about the Firestone CO new homes we’re building.

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