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Top Kitchen Trends

September 4, 2021

As we always say, the kitchen is the heart of the home, that’s why the kitchens in our new homes in Colorado Springs CO are chef inspired and mom approved. In fact, our kitchens are designed by a certified professional chef to ensure they function smoothly while still providing the comfort and coziness of a family kitchen. With our designs, you’re not running back and forth, because everything is thoughtfully arranged so that you can cook and carry on a conversation. We invite you to check out some of our finished kitchens for ideas, but if you’re looking to incorporate some of the latest trends, these are some of the top design ideas right now.

We always design kitchen islands that can serve as a place to eat, chat, work and fulfil a variety of family needs. This idea is catching on even more with kitchen island countertops serving as more than just a place for a quick snack. While it may not replace the regular dining table, it can be great for serving younger kids who may eat earlier than their parents, not to mention it’s a great spot for guests to be able to hang out during casual parties.

Not surprisingly, smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen. With today’s technology, you can program your coffee maker to have your coffee ready for you when you get up, which is a great way to start any day. Refrigerators can now let you know when you’re running low on items or even if items are starting to go bad. You can access this list through your phone or tablet, making grocery shopping easier. Don’t forget the kitchen lighting. Installing a variety of light fixtures recessed in the ceiling, hanging over the island, and hidden under or on top of upper cabinets gives you a lot of lighting choices depending on your needs. Under cabinet lights are great for cooking when you’re having to chop items and don’t want to be in your own shadow. Once again, you can adjust the level of light, schedule lights, and more with your phone or tablet. After all, low-level kitchen light is often all you need when sitting in the family room watching TV or a movie, as it creates a relaxing ambiance.

Of course, what discussion of kitchen trends doesn’t mention color! These days, white is on its way out with cabinets taking on a much darker color. Grayish blues, deep forest greens, rich plum, and even black are being used on cabinets for a big impact or on the main body of the kitchen island, including black marble countertops. Wood stain colors are also an increasingly popular option. That said, you can still keep white in your kitchen, and you don’t have to go deep and dark with your color choice, but a bold pop of color, even if it’s a sky-blue base of the kitchen island will really add some visual appeal.

For counters, quartz is still the top choice, due to its durability. However, many people are now turning toward veining, rather than particulates and are choosing lighter colors such as taupe, gray, or cream. If you do go dark with your cabinets, these lighter counters can help the room avoid feeling overwhelming.

Finally we come to flooring. Wood still reigns supreme, but you’ll find that people are increasingly turning to ceramic floors. Best of all, the variety of ceramic options now available include ceramic tiles that look just like wood flooring. Plus, they can come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to create decorative patterns if you don’t want to stick with the typical straight plank appearance.

Kitchens are getting bolder with color and design, from dark colors to a mix of metals and textures, to backsplashes reaching all the way to the ceiling. Explore some of the latest trends and see what appeals to you. Our new homes in Colorado Springs CO are designed to have the kitchen at the heart of the home and those kitchens are just waiting for your personal touch.

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