Things You Can Plant in June

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Things You Can Plant in June

June 7, 2021

If you’ve just moved into one of our Creekstone homes in Colorado Springs CO, you still have time to work on your garden and add some color and liveliness. June is a great time to get plants in the ground and have them survive, especially as they’re less likely to face any late frosts by now.

Annual blooms are a great choice for color throughout the summer. Among the most popular choices for a riot of color are sunflowers, zinnias, marigolds, cosmos, celosia, and dianthus. You can mix and match for a fun, good chaotic display, or focus on one or two colors for an elegant but colorful display. If you’re using planter pots, let the pots add some complementary color.

Increasingly, people are looking beyond flowers to herbs and vegetables. There’s a joy that comes from planting and growing your own veggies, even if it’s one single tomato. Fortunately, there are lots of herbs and vegetables that almost guarantee a bumper crop, even when planted late.

You don’t have to start veggies from seeds in special planters. You can find slightly more adult versions that do well when planted directly into sun-warmed soil. Basil, sage, and scallions are perfect for your summer menus and with just a bit of care they continue throughout the summer. For something more than just an addition to a meal, you can also grow melons, beans, and cucumbers, which can turn into stars of a meal.

Some other vegetables do better with a later planting or as a second round of plantings, lasting through the summer and into early fall, depending on the weather. Peppers, corn, squash, various greens, and even sweet potatoes are veggies to start thinking about adding in now for a longer season of fresh vegetables.

Visit the garden centers and plant nurseries to see what’s available and what you feel would do well in the yards of your homes in Colorado Springs CO. Staff can answer questions about light, water and the likelihood of certain plants and vegetables doing well in the region and in this season. By fall, you’ll probably be planning out your spring garden and getting ready for your next round of gardening as your green thumb develops. After all, with a new home, it’s nice to add those pretty flowering touches.

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