The Guide to Moving With Pets

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The Guide to Moving With Pets

November 20, 2022

For most people, their pets are just as much a part of the family as any other member. So when it comes time to move into one of the new homes in Colorado Springs, it’s important that you’ve taken your pet’s well-being into consideration for the physical move, as well as the first days in the new home.

Most people drive when moving, even long-distance. It’s best to have your pet’s vaccinations and other health records up to date, whether driving or flying, as some states and airlines will have certain requirements. Plus, it is useful for your pet’s new veterinarian.

Ideally, your pets should be microchipped in case they get loose/lost, especially during a long drive or once you get to your new home. Also make sure any collar ID tags are up to date before you physically move to make it easier for people to get in touch if they find your pet. Amid all of the people coming and going during a move, it’s easy for a pet to slip out. This is also why you should consider putting your pets in a crate or locked room when the movers are there or have the pets stay with a family member or friend, if possible. This lessens the risk of your pets getting out.

If you’re going to be making a long drive to your new home, make sure your pets don’t get carsick. Do some practice drives if they don’t usually ride in the car more than a few minutes. If they do get carsick, ask your vet for medicine to help them.

Make sure they also have a comfortable and safe place to rest during the trip, such as a carrier. Set the carrier out a week or more before the move and put treats and favorite blankets or toys inside to make it more interesting. During the drive, plan for more stops so your pets can get some fresh air and stretch their legs, too, not to mention bathroom breaks. If you have cats, consider harness leashes to let them out without risking them getting loose.

Before moving to a new city, you should also check online to find the closest veterinarian to your new home and/or any emergency clinics, just to be on the safe side.

When you do get to your new home, make sure you have their regular food, favorite treats and toys, beds, and you may even want to take along a gallon of water from your old home if you’re moving a significant distance. Changes in water may be more noticeable to your pets. The more consistency they have, the more likely they’ll settle in quickly. You can gradually get them used to anything new. Consistency should extend to any outdoor time or playtime. Try to keep them on the same schedule once you’ve moved so that they feel more secure.

While you’ll be busy getting your new homes in Colorado Springs unpacked, make sure you keep your animals safe from any sharp tools or dangerous items they could swallow and pet-proof any areas or items that may be an ongoing risk. Most of all, be sure to give them extra love and attention. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the work, so it’s important to make sure your pets feel just as comfortable in their new home as you do.

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