The Colors of the Year for 2021

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The Colors of the Year for 2021

October 18, 2020

We haven’t even had Halloween yet, you may be thinking, but some of the paint colors for 2021 are already being announced. This gives you a head start on making a fresh start in 2021 in your Firestone CO new homes. If you’re going to be moving in soon and still need to choose some colors, here’s some inspiration for what will hopefully be a happy, calming, and beautiful 2021.

Sherwin-Williams technically has two colors of the year. On their own, they’re going with Urbane Bronze, which has been described as a deep taupe that combines brown and gray. While it may appear as a dark gray at first, the warm undertones are clearly there, adding a depth and coziness that is a pleasant change from the cooler grays that have dominated in past years. The company color director, Sue Wadden, says it “encourages you to create a sanctuary space for mindful reflection and renewal”, meaning it works particularly well in bedrooms, but also works great as an accent color in a variety of other rooms.

The company’s other color is the HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams color, Passionate, available only at Lowe’s. It’s another bold color, but moves in a different direction, as it’s unsurprisingly a deep-red tone. The two actually complement each other well, with one as a primary color and another as an accent. Or just let Passionate rule the room, as it’s more of a muted berry than a fire-engine red. Paired with white or sand tones, it can add some vivacity to a room, without going over the top.

Meanwhile, other companies have decided against choosing just one color and have chosen a palette of colors, ranging from three to 21. The PPG Palette is called Be Well and certainly leans toward calm, tranquil colors that have a touch of the coast about them. Transcend is a subtle sandy color; Big Cypress leans toward ginger; and Misty Aqua brings in a touch of turquoise waters. All of the colors work well together and PPG recommends a 60-30-10 ratio with the colors: 60% for the main color you choose, 30% for the secondary and 10% for accents.

Behr has gone bold by choosing 21 colors, though they’ve grouped them into six themes. Each theme has elements that are ideal for subtle or bold color choices, knowing that as people have spent more time in their homes, they’ve either begun craving calm, meditative colors, or something more bold and lively. With themes like Casual Comfort and Quiet Haven, you’re sure to find something that’s right for your own home, whether it’s modern neutrals or rich forest greens and beyond.

There will be more colors of the year to be announced in the coming months, but if you’re ready to start painting your Firestone CO new homes, take a look at these latest colors and find some inspiration. With many colors complementing each other, you can always mix and match, resulting in a home that truly reflects your personality and lifestyle, just like the homes we build at Creekstone Homes.

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