See this home? It was designed by a woman!

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See this home? It was designed by a woman!

October 18, 2019

Can you tell? From the way the plan flows to the size of the closets, from the placement of rooms to the floor transitions… a woman’s touch makes all the difference. It’s not only the idea that women intuitively know the daily working of their homes, but they feel the spaces needed for dining, entertaining, relaxing and yes, even homework and laundry. Thoughtfully composed for the way you live, CreekStone Homes have been designed by a woman, the founder of the company Rhonda McDonald, for over 20 years. Making inroads through the male dominated field of residential construction was only part of what it took to build a successful business. The other important part was designing inspired floor plans that truly speak to the everyday experience of living in a home. From the magical to the ordinary, inspired floor plans take many desires into consideration: How many kitchen cabinets do we need? How do family members find their own space when they want to relax? Is there space to dance, color, and play? With CreekStone Homes, all of these things (and more) have been taken into consideration. We invite you to walk through our model homes and take in the spaces. You’ll notice not only how awesome our homes look, but how they feel and work. And, you’ll know that it took more than a CAD program and working knowledge of house planning to get there. It took creative thinking and a lot of questioning the basics. So, when you walk your friends through your new CreekStone Home and say, “Our home was designed by a woman. Can you tell?” You already know they’ll answer “Yes!” See all of our CreekStone Homes floor plans here:  CreekStone Floor Plans

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