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Smart Toy Storage Ideas

December 20, 2020

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start making plans for exactly how you’re going to store all of those new toys in your new homes in Colorado Springs CO. Fortunately, if you’re choosing one of our Creekstone homes, you’ll have plenty of storage space throughout your home. Still, here are some storage tips to keep toys accessible to the little ones, but also just as easy to put away on their own whenever possible.

Baskets are the workhorse of toy storage for a reason. They’re easy to move around, and they hold just enough that kids can usually find what they’re looking for without too much trouble. Get a low, horizontal bookcase or cubbyhole bench that can hold a bunch of matching baskets and kids will have easy reach to soft toys, building blocks, and a variety of other toys.

Whether you choose woven baskets, fabric boxes, boxes with lids, or plastic bins, seriously consider labeling each one to help keep toys organized. Sure, you may never have expected to file something under plastic dinosaurs, but that’s one of the many fun things about life with kids. Labels also serve a double purpose if your kids are starting to learn to read. They’ll start to associate the toys and the words and have regular chances to try to read and sound out the letters. If they’re not quite at reading level yet, label the containers with a picture of what goes inside, along with the appropriate words. It may give your kids a head start.

Don’t forget the classic toybox. As well as serving as storage for board games, soft toys, or a variety of other toys, this sturdy, climbable surface is often a toy in its own right. A child’s imagination can turn it into just about anything, such as a rocket ship, a race car, a tropical island, or a jungle.

Encourage your children to read from an early age and make sure you have plenty of age-appropriate books — and a few to work up to — in a bookcase that is easily reached. Depending on the style of bookcase and its compartments, you can always use parts of it to hold boxes or free-standing toys if you don’t have enough books to fill it up right away. Still, a bookcase with empty space is a bookcase that can easily grow with your child as they find new favorite books and inevitable series of books.

Finally, look for portable containers that children can move around on their own. This is particularly useful for toys that they want to take into another room, even if the toys technically belong in their bedroom or playroom. A small wooden crate on wheels — personalized if you have multiple children — or some sort of portable tote that can hold a mix of toys is a fun way to let kids take a few items into the room you’re in, without necessarily having the toys take over the space. When they’re done playing, the toys go back in the container and back to their room.

Of course, there are always going to be toys spread around the house, whether by choice or not. To keep living rooms looking a little more organized and less like a toy store, look for large, stylish soft baskets that you can quickly throw toys into if guests are coming, or at the end of the night, if you don’t want to look at toys any more for the evening. Plus, these baskets can be used to hold pillows and throws in the coming years when toys aren’t taking over your home. With these storage ideas in mind already, you can plan your new homes in Colorado Springs CO to meet the needs of kids, as well as adults. After all, it’s their home, too, so why not make it stylish and functional for all ages.

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