Prep Your Porch for Winter Enjoyment

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Prep Your Porch for Winter Enjoyment

November 24, 2020

While you may not get daily use out of your front porch as winter temperatures become colder, there are still a few occasional days in the mid 50s during which you can take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and seasonal atmosphere as the holidays approach. Embrace the spirit of coziness and the Colorado love of being outdoors with these simple ideas for your homes in Peyton CO.

First off, make sure your porch furniture has plenty of comfy seating. That means lots of pillows to sit on and to support you, creating a pillowy nest to sink into. Fuzzy throw pillows in seasonal colors are perfect for sitting back and relaxing. Don’t forget lots of fleece and faux fur throw blankets to ward off any chills, and a fun idea is to keep a stash of gloves, mittens, and knit hats in a cute container or even a holiday-themed metal lunch box for easy, fun storage. If you’re warm and cozy, you’re more likely to get more use out of your porch.

Of course, with temperatures dropping, you may need to go further to stay warm if you want to make the most of your porch. You can certainly invest in space heaters, and depending on the size of your porch, a smaller fire pit may be an option, though always be careful when you have open flames. A smaller option is a simple DIY project. Fill a large cement planter with lava rocks and add some canisters of fireplace gel fuel on top, filling in the spaces around the fuel containers with more lava rocks, and then place it all on a fireproof table. Best of all, you can even make your own s’mores with this setup!

While s’mores are a fun way to enjoy your time on the porch, don’t forget to keep a selection of warm drinks on hand. A table or trolley with mugs and cups, thermoses filled with a variety of warm drinks like apple cider, hot chocolate, coffee, and tea ensure an added touch of warmth to let you enjoy the setting. Feel free to add in some adult additions if you’re so inclined, and don’t forget some tins of cookies or cakes to complement the drinks.

Finally, don’t forget to add in some extra seasonal decorations. Large decorative lanterns filled with large candles, strings of lights, or decorative baubles create a lovely addition to the porch, as do garlands entwined with small lights, creating a magical setting. The more strings of small, warm-toned lights the better for a cozy vibe. If you have space, consider adding in a small pine tree with some simple lights strung amid the branches, or at least include some pine branches in your decorations for that lovely fragrance. Groupings of candles or oil lanterns also add to the sense of warmth.

Go big and bold with your cozy decor if you want or keep to the more Scandinavian approach of simply but cozy. Use attractive baskets to hold pillows and throws, not only for appearances, but also to make it easy to take items in when the weather turns. We build homes with spacious covered front porches, so with the right setting, decorations, and sources of warmth, the porches of your homes Peyton CO may get more use this winter season than ever before.

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