Outdoor Decor Trends for 2021

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Outdoor Decor Trends for 2021

May 10, 2021

While people are getting out and about a bit more these days, there’s still a strong need for a great outdoor area for your Firestone CO new homes. Many of our homes already have patios, including covered ones to give you the most use, but here are some tips to help decorate them and your yard to make them as appealing and comfortable as your family room, letting you expand your outdoor living area, especially now that there’s a better chance that you can start having people over again.

Whether you have a patio or not, you can create a fun and stylish area of your lawn that can be used as a seating area with a bit of panache. By using square pavers and a square area of grass, you can create your own checkerboard floor. Edge it for a frame or let it go frameless; either way, you have an interesting area of your yard that can be good for some kid play areas or use it for the adults. A fire pit could sit in the center for extended use during the cooler months and you could always install sun shades over the area for during the warmer days. Add in some attractive and fun outdoor furnishings, especially ones that don’t look like typical outdoor furniture, such as barrel-shaped side tables that you can paint or stain to create a color theme and take away from the obvious barrel look..

The growing trend is to create a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors. That means choosing outdoor furnishings that are stylish and may even mimic some of your indoor pieces, especially if you have sliding glass doors or a layout that let you easily move between inside and out. Create a second family room with lots of comfortable cushions and throws and seating that is actually comfortable. Even add some art on the walls or particularly pretty large vases for your outdoor flowers.

Alternatively, focus on a fantastic outdoor dining area with Fiesta tableware or similar styles beyond paper plates and plastic cups. Whether it’s for dining or for another family room, add in some great atmospheric lighting. Bistro lights, strings of larger warm-toned bulbs, and large candles in large lanterns with decorative cutouts create a relaxing vibe, perfect for sitting and chatting with friends and family.

As for the furnishings, there are two options that are particularly on trend this year. One is multifunctional pieces, such as ceramic stools that can double as side tables or tables that have removable lids to reveal a fire pit. The other trend has a bit more nostalgia with the use of natural materials, such as wicker, rattan, jute, and cane. Your whole seating area doesn’t have to be made of these materials, but at least a few pieces, including woven outdoor rugs or even some cane footstools or a couple of chairs, paired with soft neutral fabrics and lots of surrounding greenery help create a lush atmosphere. While you’re looking for outdoor furniture, consider sustainable pieces. You can get wicker made from repurposed ocean plastic, which is a fantastic idea and it looks good, too!

Finish off the lawns of your Firestone CO new homes with softer plantings, such as tall, ornamental grasses that sway in the wind, such as bluestem and panicum. You could add another layer of slightly shorter grasses, finishing off with a border of petunias and impatiens. The result is soft, quiet, tranquil and fairly easy maintenance, so you can sit back in your comfortable outdoor seating area and enjoy the scenery, hopefully with some friends and family this summer!

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