Myths About Buying a New Construction Home

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Myths About Buying a New Construction Home

February 6, 2023

Many people have misconceptions about new construction homes in Colorado Springs. These can include thoughts on price, quality, and length of time to move in, yet these myths are exactly that, myths. You may be surprised at just how appealing a new home can be once you have more information.

The biggest concern people have is that new homes are more expensive. While they generally are more expensive than pre-owned homes, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. The initial cost may be more expensive, especially if you build from scratch and include a number of extras, but in the long run, a new home will likely cost you less. All of the materials and appliances are new and often under warranty. New homes, especially Creekstone homes, are built to be more energy efficient, which also saves you considerable money in the long run. With a new home, you will make up the extra initial cost when you don’t have to worry about updates and repairs for years.

Some people don’t want to deal with the long wait time to move into a new construction home. While construction can take six months or longer, most builders also have move-in ready homes or those that will be completed in a month or less. These homes still often let you add some of the custom finishes that make new homes appealing. If you’re on a tighter deadline, talk to the builder about homes already under construction.

Unlike cars, new homes do not depreciate in value right away. In fact, there is often an increase in the value of new construction homes when a phase of the community or the full community is completed. Plus, with newer homes typically built to higher standards and regulations, your new home will hold its value for longer than older homes that need expensive updates.

Some people worry that financing for a new home may be expensive and difficult, but you’ll often find that home builders offer incentives and even work with lenders to help you find affordable rates. You should certainly explore outside options, but definitely discuss options with the builder’s preferred lenders.

There’s the assumption that new homes are all cookie-cutter homes, but you’ll find that builders offer a variety of floor plans these days, including exterior options that result in more variety within the community and more options to choose from when building. There are also plenty of architectural and decor options available that allow you to personalize a home and make it a reflection of your personal tastes.

These are just some of the myths about new construction. We offer a variety of floor plans in excellent communities and we design our homes to accommodate the needs and preferences of people today. Contact us if you’re interested in exploring the option of owning one of the new homes in Colorado Springs.

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