Moving Checklist Part 4

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Moving Checklist Part 4

May 23, 2021

This is it. This is the week you finally move into one of the new homes in Peyton CO. If you’ve been following the checklists, you’re probably in a good position, though inevitably, this last week is always stressful with the deadline looming. There’s stuff to clean, last-minute stuff to pack. Do you have enough boxes? So here’s a checklist to try to help you get through this last stressful week before the big move. Take a deep breath and let it out. You’ve got this!

First off, finish packing as much as you possibly can. You may want to even think of your last week as a trip and try to live out of a suitcase and a few boxes of those last minute clothing, kitchen, and bathroom items. The more you can put in boxes and just tape them up on moving day, the easier things will be in the long run. Try to plan a pared down approach to this last week, including meals that can be made with what you have left in the fridge/freezer. Don’t plan on making anything fancy. Keep it simple so you can pack up as much of your kitchen and bathroom supplies as possible. And don’t forget to label your boxes!

There are certain materials that are flammable and can’t be moved, like paint, oil, and other chemicals. Now is the time to dispose of them appropriately. Check online to see where you can take these items or have them picked up before you move. The same goes for any old furniture and other large items that you aren’t going to move and aren’t sellable. You need to find a way to get rid of them before the move, either on your own or through a service.

Now is also the time to confirm your moving date and time with the movers. If you have any special requests for delicate items, be it a piano or a sofa, go ahead and remind them so they come prepared. You should also take out some cash for tips. Depending on your region $25 per mover is the typical tip.

Confirm closing and move-in dates with your real estate agents, too, if necessary, and also with a storage company if you’re using one. You should also make sure utilities of all sorts will be turned on and off, depending on the home, on the appropriate date or that someone will be coming to do the connection on a specific date.

Don’t forget to back up your computers. While they may be travelling with you, especially laptops, it’s still important to back everything up to be on the safe side, should anything get broken, lost, or stolen along the way.

If you haven’t done it yet, start changing your address with various companies and make sure mail and other items will be redirected to your new address and things like newspapers are cancelled. However, don’t close your bank account, if you are changing banks, until after the move

Keep a bag dedicated to official documents, both for the home sale/purchase, but also any personal documents like birth certificates, etc. Keeping important documents together makes it easier to keep track of them.

Finally, on the big day, make sure you have the mover’s contact info and that they have your info and the exact address. Also check the lading bill and inventory carefully before signing.

Ideally, you should leave your old home clean. If you don’t have the time or ability to do so, hire a cleaner to come in after you’re out. Your real estate agent can typically help with this regarding the schedule and letting the cleaners in.

If you’re doing a long-distance trip, make sure you take along necessities, especially for the first day. This usually includes toilet paper, soap and other toiletries, towels, a few days worth of clothes, some plates, cutlery and glasses, and in some cases snacks, water, and even the coffee maker. This depends on the time expected between the movers arrival and your arrival. Also, don’t forget to take dog and cat food and bedding with you.

You may want to pack a tool kit of sorts, that includes handy items such as light bulbs, an actual tool kit, scissors, trash bags, aspirin, and bed linens and pillows.

Finally, if your home is going to be empty for a while, let the police know when someone is expected to move in. You should also make arrangements for any last bags of trash or recycling. You may be able to get a neighbor to help you out if pickup isn’t due for a while.

Hopefully, when it comes to moving out day and moving in day, everything will go smoothly and you’ll have everything easily at hand. Being as organized as possible makes a big difference. In fact, you may even want to make signs for the doors of each room in your new home to help direct the movers as to where to put specific boxes. It saves you from having to lug boxes from room to room.

If you’re packing a cooler of food to take with you, you may want to pack a bottle of sparkling wine and something fun for the kids to celebrate, even if you’re sitting on the floor. You’ve done it! You’ve bought one of the new homes in Peyton CO and that deserves a celebration of some sort!

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