Moving Checklist Part 3

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Moving Checklist Part 3

April 17, 2021

We’re moving into the final stretch of preparing for the big move into one of the new homes in Colorado Springs. With just two weeks to go, here are some handy tips to help you stay on top of things and feel a bit more in control. Moving is a stressful experience, no matter how excited you are to get into your new home, so the greater sense of control you experience, the less anxious you’re likely to be.

At this point, you’re still doing some packing, though you’ve probably done the bulk of it and are holding off on those items you’ll still need before the move. One thing you should do is pack any valuable items like jewelry or heirlooms separately and keep them apart from the rest of your boxes. This allows you to keep a closer eye on them and reduce the risk of them getting lost. You may want to take those items over to your new home yourself, if possible.

Similarly, gather important documents, such as passports, wills, deeds, financial statements, birth certificates, etc., and carry those with you when you move, as well. Do be sure to make electronic copies of them for backup, but keep the originals with you.

Now is also a good time to make sure you have enough medication to see you through the move, preferably with extra to see you through the first couple of weeks as you may still be searching for a doctor and pharmacy.

We’ve mentioned pets before, but now is the time to make sure you have the appropriate transportation (crates, carrier bags, etc.), as well as updated ID chips, collar ID, and vaccinations. It’s better to get them up to date with their current vet rather than having to deal with finding a new vet right away, especially with summer approaching and your pets likely to be outdoors more among pests. Also make sure you have someone or somewhere to keep your pets during the actual moving days to prevent them from getting loose or to prevent them from becoming overly anxious. It’s a big deal for them too, probably!

If you’ve been packing and finding items you need to return to friends, now is a good time to do so. Don’t forget to return library books, and if you have items at the dry cleaner or similar places, make sure you’ve collected everything.

Your home is probably looking like a topsy turvy box display, so you may want to try to gather as many boxes into one room as possible, preferably downstairs if you have multiple levels. Aim for a room or corner that doesn’t get as much foot traffic. This way you can better view each room and see what still needs to be packed, tossed, donated, or recycled. Once you clear a room, you can go in and give it a quick clean. To be kind, and it really is expected these days, your old home should be cleaned in time for the new owner’s arrival if possible. Also, if you’re moving out of an apartment, make arrangements for the use of an elevator on moving day.

Next time, we’re looking at the week of the move into one of the new homes in Colorado Springs. Hopefully, you’ll have everything else under control already, having followed the various checklists and this week will go smoothly with little to do so you can spend some time saying goodbye to your old house and neighborhood and prepare for your life in your new home!

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