Living Room Trends for 2023

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Living Room Trends for 2023

December 10, 2022

What better way to make the most of purchasing one of our new homes in Colorado Springs CO than by adding some new elements to your living room decor. A new year, a new home, and new interior design trends are a fantastic way to create a home that really represents you. Best of all, many of the trends complement each other, and it’s up to you whether you go all out or choose just a few trends that can easily be changed.

One of the key elements of living room design for 2023 is a move away from standard furniture arrangements and decorations. A sofa  with two matching chairs and matching side tables is out, and you’ll see fewer stacks of coffee table books and small sculptural items. Instead, you’ll see more statement pieces and unusual furniture arrangements in the space, defying the traditional walls, creating a more unique living room that fits your lifestyle. Set your furniture at angles and use some of the open space created to house pedestals to display statement pieces or put in lush tall plants to bring in some of the nature trends.

Rather than standard accent chairs, you’re likely to see statement chairs, or even a daybed or vintage-inspired rounded chaise. In fact, rounded shapes are increasingly popular, drawing from both Art Deco and the 1980s. Hard, linear pieces are being replaced with more luxurious, rounded shapes and appealing textures. The use of these vintage pieces can also be a great way to find special statement pieces.

As for color, nature and its inspiring palette will remain popular, with both warm neutrals and rich jewel tones. Texture is also increasingly important, so a great way to incorporate texture and natural colors is through the use of materials like rattan, wicker, cane, and even marble in your furnishings. You can find pieces that use these materials without looking like you’ve set up patio furniture in your living room.

Along with the warm earthy tones, there are also plenty of cool, watery colors that complement the warmer colors. Blues with gray undertones, in light and dark shades make for a striking color palette. Consider a bold color on the walls – whole walls or even just the back of built-in shelving – paired with softer tones in furnishings and accent pieces. This also works with the trend of painting the ceiling. You can certainly match the walls and ceiling, but for something more eye-catching, consider a darker color on the walls with a lighter shade for the ceiling, with ceiling trim picked out in gold or another metallic color.

Minimalism is always going to be popular, but these days, a return to “more” is growing in popularity. Bolder colors and patterns, unique furnishings or accessories, and softer, more luxurious shapes and textures are adding new life to the living rooms in homes in Colorado Springs CO. The key is to find the right balance that makes a room interesting, rather than overwhelming. That’s the great part of choosing to incorporate new design trends into your home. You can mix and match styles to fit your personal tastes.

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