How to Find Your Decor Style

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How to Find Your Decor Style

July 5, 2021

The opportunity to decorate and finesse one of the new homes in Colorado Springs CO is a design dream. Yet it can also be stressful at times as you try to figure out exactly what your personal design style is. After all, there’s no reason why you can’t like multiple styles, even if they’re not obvious matches. What do you do if you’re a fan of mid-century modern and gothic? Fortunately, there are ways to help you narrow down your choices — and there’s nothing to say you can’t go mid-century for most of the house, but have some fun with a gothic powder room. It’s your house, after all!

Depending on your wardrobe — and after the past year, that may not be the best bet if you’ve lived in yoga pants — take a look at what appeals to you in terms of colors, patterns, and fabrics. If you feel your wardrobe is a good representation of who you are stylistically, then you may be able to draw some inspiration from there. From classics to boho chic, and everything in between, you may find some design ideas in colors, fabrics, and overall lines..

Another easy way to get inspiration is to turn to your favorite programs. After all, even MTV Cribs is getting a reboot and there’s no shortage of home decor shows on tv or streaming services. Even if you can’t afford the same as the celebrities, you can get an overall feel for what appeals to you. Coastal casual? Minimalism with a softer touch? Pure luxe? Take a look at various shows — reality and fiction — and figure out which home decor most appeals to you.

Of course, these days, you can simply grab your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer and start searching sites like Houzz and Pinterest. These are excellent decor style sources, often helping you find exact colors and makers. Create boards on Pinterest for every category of your home design, from wall colors to throw pillows. If that feels too overwhelming, simply start with whole rooms that appeal to you and start pinning whatever catches your fancy. Then you can pick out the details of what you really like in each.

As you start to look through the boards, you’ll find certain styles that you seem to gravitate toward, which can help you narrow down your overall design choices. As you start to get clearer ideas,  you can start unpinning items that aren’t going to fit — or at least not in the room originally intended.

Don’t get tied up in design style labels. Go with your gut and what feels right for you. Not every room throughout your home has to follow the exact same style. Let a bedroom fulfill your dreams of frilly fantasy, even if it’s just a guest room, and don’t forget that bold half bathroom. These rooms that don’t get quite as much use can often be a chance to explore and display other aspects of your personality. Feel free to put those other sides on display, as well, in your beautiful homes in Colorado Springs CO.

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