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Home Office Ideas to Increase Your Motivation

July 16, 2021

These days, a home office space is a must-have. Even as people are returning to their offices, many are continuing to work from home, with both bosses and employees recognizing many of the benefits. Fortunately, we design a variety of homes in Peyton CO that include a space that can be used as a dedicated home office. Now the key is to make an office that actually inspires and motivates you and that you want to use, rather than ending up on the sofa half the time.

Whenever possible, try to make your home office as much of an office space as possible, even if it will be used as a guest room from time to time. If that’s the case, choose a sofa bed, rather than a regular bed so that the bed isn’t enticing and the room looks more professional.

That said, while it should look like an office, it doesn’t have to look like a boring, ugly, bland office. Think about all of those high-tech companies with bright colors, ergonomic furniture, great art and a nice view. The key is to create an office that fits your personality and style. From Louis XIV glitz and glam to bold Pop Art, the key is to design the space to your tastes.

It is still an office, though, and you do need to be motivated to work, so make sure you keep your necessary items close at hand, whether it’s simply a laptop or a multi-screen setup with your own ring light. Anything you use regularly throughout the day or at least daily should be at or next to your desk.

Now the desk can be a variety of things. You can stick with the traditional wood desk or you can explore the world of standing desks. These days, there are even desks that can be used over a treadmill, so you can get your steps in while you work. The same goes for chairs: the typical lumbar-support office chair or an ergonomic chair that keeps your posture straight and works those abs.

Once you have your basic desk and office requirements sorted out, and have chosen a particular style that represents you and makes you feel positive, finish the space off with some artwork and plants. Artwork helps fill empty walls that can leave you feeling dull, and plants not only improve the air, they also give you something nice to look at during the day. Plus, the color green and the view of plants can be soothing for when you’re stressing over work.

Finally, make sure you keep your office space neat and ordered, especially your desk. A disordered desk is going to be distracting and you’ll waste time looking for things that should be right at hand. Make a point at the end of each day of clearing up your desk so you start fresh the next morning. Best of all, make sure you have the organizational tools — from a cup for holding pens to boxes for paperwork — to ensure that everything has its own place. This is the mantra of organization and it really does make a difference. Desks with drawers are often your best bet so that you can hide items away when not in use, but still grab them immediately when you need them, keeping you organized and motivated.

Make the most of the home office or potential home office spaces in the homes in Peyton CO. With some thought and effort, you can create an office that suits your style, both in work method and in design. With an office that you don’t mind spending time in each day, you’ll be more likely to stay motivated and maybe even finish ahead of schedule, letting you make the most of working from home. Contact us today to learn more about our various home designs and how you could create a great office space in your own home.

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