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June 20, 2021

When it comes to home décor trends in 2021 and design ideas for Firestone, CO new homes, we have some good news. The overall new trend in home décor is “comfort.”  After last year, comfort will mean different things to different people, but overall it encompasses livable luxury, durable fabrics, earthy textures and old world influences. This new trend comes after a long period of being locked inside our own four walls and as a result we have embraced wanting to find comfort inside our own homes.

So this year, discover what comfortable and cozy means to you. Here are 3 décor trends to guide you on your drive toward this new design trend and help you create your Firestone, CO new home.

  1. Colors

Good bye all white rooms and grey kitchens! Think colorful and inviting instead of cold and reserved. Dining rooms are embracing navy and indigo blues, and kitchens are showing cabinets in sage and olive greens. There are lots of cool tones and contrasts with the kitchen islands separate from the rest of the wall cabinets.

If you still crave or have that white and grey look, then try adding some pops of color. Mix in some warmer tones to the grey palate and top off white spaces with splashes of a primary color.

  1. Accents

Send that shiplap back out to sea! This year, look at different ways to accent a wall such as peel and stick wallpaper. Try roughing up that smooth subway tile backsplash with rustic and mosaic additions.

Some of the accents to add now might include earthy pieces, terracotta vases, marble coffee tables, wicker baskets and wooden furniture pieces.

Green up your living space with indoor plants that can create calm and clarity. Indoor plants help to freshen up the space and improve your indoor air quality.  The indoor herb gardens are also becoming more popular to have fresh spices at your fingers tips when cooking at home.

  1. Furniture

Last year saw the creation of multipurpose spaces within the home. That trend continues as more multifunctional or dual-purpose furniture are added. Within the home this trend could also include flip top or drop-down desk spaces, Murphy beds, niches created under the stairs or in corners of the home that were previously unused.

This year, mid-century modern furniture is being replaced with “granny chic.”  Think vintage meets floral, whimsy and antique, as granny chic style allows for more mixing and matching of pieces. There is now no need for matchy-matchy. Perhaps furniture shopping might be a little easier with this style as second hand and consignment stores are bursting with pieces in this trend?

Also look for wicker and rattan to be mixed in, as this earthy colored furniture adds light and warmth to a space.

If granny-chic does not suit your taste, then try an industrial style that includes exposed stone, high ceilings, wood, brick and metal elements. This trend may work great for the home that is still all work, live and play.

So now is the time to embrace your preference and taste. Don’t worry about having every room in your home run off of the same color palette. Design your home in your style and have more time to enjoy living in a Firestone, CO new home.

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