Fantastic Fall Decorating Ideas for Porches and Patios

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Fantastic Fall Decorating Ideas for Porches and Patios

October 10, 2020

If you’ve purchased one of the Creekstone new homes in Colorado Springs, you’re probably already thinking about ways to decorate your fabulous front porches and patios for the fall season. After all, we’ve designed the homes to have welcoming front porches and patios perfect for multiple seasons, so why not make the most of these outdoor areas, both visually and in terms of comfort. From pumpkins to fire pits, you can really add some autumn splendor to your new home.

To bring some of the fall spirit to your porch, stock up on pumpkins, chrysanthemums, decorative gourds, throw pillows, blankets, and don’t forget the wreath for the front door! You can decorate for the holidays with first Halloween and then Thanksgiving-themed decorations or you can choose a more neutral fall color palette with warm shades of red, orange, yellow, and plenty of plaids in earthy tones. Don’t forget an autumn-themed welcome mat for the front door and consider adding a fire pit to your back patio to get the most out of the season.

If you have a smaller, more contained front porch, think vertical, with small to large pumpkins stacked up in a corner for a festive pop of color. Add in a decorative lantern next to them, and a few scattered small gourds at the base, and you have a simple, but elegant display that doesn’t take up much space. Complement the simplicity with a wreath of fall foliage in a fiery burst of color for the front door.

With larger front porches, as well as patios, look to tall planters filled with large, rounded bursts of chrysanthemums in red, orange, purple, or cream blooms. Large, modern boxy planters stylishly offset lush, rounded mums. Once again, add in some decorative lanterns or pumpkins, with a symmetric display on each side of the door for a standout entrance. You could also wrap autumn-inspired garland around the columns at the entrance or along the railing in the front of your porch.

Wherever you have outdoor furniture, make sure you add in some autumn-inspired throw pillows. Mix and match colors and prints for more visual interest or choose contrasting but complementary color pairings for a simple but bold display. If you choose solid-colored pillows, consider a plaid blanket that picks up those colors.

If you have stairs on your back patio, don’t forget to add some decoration there. Mix and match smaller pots of colorful mums on the steps, with alternating pumpkins for added fall decoration. You could also skip the pumpkins and go with potted ornamental grasses instead for an eye-catching and colorful display.

Finally, don’t forget any porch or patio tables. Once again, a selection of lanterns and candle holders in red or gold can easily take you into the winter holiday season. Alternatively, go more rustic with a wooden box tray filled with a colorful selection of small decorative gourds.

Finally, with Halloween fast approaching, even if you’re not going to be trick-or-treating, and aren’t planning on major decorations, there’s no reason why you can’t add in a few subtle elements for a light-hearted fright. Find a plastic hand or two and have them clawing out of the tray of gourds, sticking out of some ornamental grasses, or create your own Thing and stick a hand in one of the decorative lanterns. You’re sure to inspire at least some double takes, which will give people a chance to enjoy the rest of your porch and patio fall decorations in your new homes in Colorado Springs.

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