Embrace the Latest Home Trend: Cottagecore

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Embrace the Latest Home Trend: Cottagecore

September 5, 2020

You may not have heard of Cottagecore yet, but it’s fast becoming the latest design trend for new homes in Colorado Springs CO and across the country. With a focus on coziness, tradition, and comfort, it’s no surprise this design style is catching on, especially with more people spending time at home and looking to create a space that is comforting and filled with good feelings.

Basically, think of a charming cottage and you’ve got the start of cottagecore: cozy, relaxing, embracing, and just the right size. Warm fuzzy socks and cups of cocoa in cute mugs, wildflowers, knitted blankets, and an emphasis on handmade, or at least not mass produced, are some of the hallmarks of cottagecore.

Considering the recent homemade bread trend and more people growing their own herbs and vegetables, there’s an aim to create a rustic return to simpler times — but still with some of the extra comfort and style of contemporary times. This is a fairytale rustic cottage, not one with an outhouse in the back!

In fact, cottagecore looks more to vintage and antiques, such as pretty floral teapots, ceramic plates with charming prints, cheerful tablecloths, and an old milk jug or bottle to hold a collection of freshly picked wildflowers. You may have a vintage butter churn in a corner, but there’s no reason you can’t also have a William-Morris-inspired floral wallpaper on the walls. Cottagecore easily mixes farmhouse elements with more refined pieces.

Ultimately, florals are a key element and pop up everywhere. Besides the wildflowers in an old vintage milk jug, look for soft floral bedding prints, painted canvases of flowers, floral wallpaper, and even some lightweight, floral-print curtains that are ideal in a breakfast nook to let the sun shine in softly.

If you have leftover mason jars from your hipster days, you’re still in luck. Use them to hold more flowers, perhaps with a little ribbon tied around the neck of the jar for a softer touch. Use them to hold candles or even find strings of outdoor miniature mason jar string lights for a fun, charming touch. They can also be used with their lids to store spices, tea blends, or a variety of items in your kitchen.

The ultimate goal of cottagecore is to find a mix of colors, patterns, textures, and other items that make you feel happy, cozy, and relaxed. Now is not the time for minimalism in your new homes in Colorado Springs CO. Especially with fall arriving, embrace the artfully cluttered cottage filled with pretty colors, soft textures, warm light, and happiness.

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