Creative Uses for Your Bonus Room

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Creative Uses for Your Bonus Room

March 6, 2021

While most homes may not look like they’ve changed drastically over the past few decades, the reality is that Firestone CO new homes have a number of features that you won’t find in older homes. From energy efficient building processes and appliances to bonus rooms, today’s homes give buyers more room to play and the flexibility to change with your needs and interests. The bonus rooms, in particular, are a great way to explore your interests and give your family room to grow, both in number and as people.

These days, the most common use of a bonus or flex room is as a dedicated home office. That use is likely to be around for a while longer — and in some cases, could become a permanent feature. Still, having that option is important, because to stay focused and perform to your best, it’s necessary to have a space where you can separate your work and home life, keeping you on track during the day, but also allowing you to close the door at the end of the work day.

Not everyone needs a home office now, or they may not need one in a year’s time. So it’s important to think about other uses for your bonus room. If you have young kids, the bonus room is a great place for either kids or parents to have a place to get away and have fun. You could let the kids use it for all of their games, crafts, dress up, and more, or you could use the space as a place for the adults to get away and have somewhere to relax and get away from life’s daily pressures.

For example, you could always turn your flex room into a personal yoga studio and space for meditation. By having all of the various equipment and decorations that work for you, you can use the space as needed. You could also add gym equipment if that’s more your pace, saving money on gym memberships while also letting you focus on the equipment that works best for you. Add in a wall of mirrors if you’re concerned about form, or put in a smart tv that lets you choose from a variety of workout videos. You can even throw in a small fridge to make sure you stay hydrated during your workout.

Another popular use for a bonus room is as a craft/hobby room. Sewers have room to set up their machines, and have tables and ironing boards always at the ready for cutting and piecing, and more. Artists, no matter the medium, can set up tables, drawing boards, and their various tools so that everything is within reach as the inspiration hits. No matter the hobby, from model planes and trains to printmaking, having this space gives you the room to truly devote yourself to your hobby without always having to move supplies around.

While our homes already feature spacious walk-in closets and spa-like bathrooms, a dedicated fashionista could always turn the bonus room into the ultimate closet and glam room. Set up shelving that shoes off your favorite shoes and handbags. Put up surround mirrors so you get a view from every direction, and even put in a glamorous makeup station where you can sit comfortably and have fun. Add in some fun decorations, a stylish changing screen, and you’ll always be dressed to impress.

One dream that bibliophiles always have is to find a house with enough room for their own dedicated library. Wall-to-wall books, maybe even a ladder, and lots of soft rugs, and comfy reading chairs can easily make your book-related dreams come true. Best of all, with a whole room, you may even have a little room left for the addition of future books to your collection!

These are just a few ways to have fun and make the most of the bonus or flex rooms in Firestone CO new homes. Think about your needs, but also your wishes, and enjoy this extra space. Best of all, as kids grow and interests change, you can always change the room to reflect new elements of your lifestyle. The addition of a bonus room adds to the longevity of your new home, allowing it to adapt to changes throughout the years, not to mention future buyers are sure to appreciate the extra space, making it a great investment, too.

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