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Community Profile: Barefoot Lakes

August 22, 2020

It’s all right there in the name: Barefoot Lakes. This brand new community of Firestone CO new homes is the kind of place where you can wander around barefoot (or in shoes), enjoying the beauty of nature with trails around acres of lakes. This is the type of location that people dream about, and now it could be yours, with the bonus of a beautiful and thoughtfully designed home!

Barefoot Lakes will ultimately be made up of three neighborhoods, the first of which is WaterSide neighborhood. Once again, the name is not an exaggeration. Residents will enjoy the community’s beautiful twin lakes, which include close to three miles of trails for wonderful views, great exercise, and a place to simply enjoy the wonder of nature. There are also park settings and plenty of open areas for picnics, play, and so much more. All of this combines to create a wonderful way to get to meet your neighbors and develop a sense of community. Those friendly waves in passing may soon turn to friendly chats and eventual friendships. If nothing else, you’re sure to find a trail partner if you want one!

The community of Barefoot Lakes is sure to win you over just with the way nature is so integrated into the design of the neighborhoods, thanks to the lakes, parks, and trails. Yet just as important is a home that inspires you as much as the surrounding nature. We strive to design homes that truly fit people’s lifestyles, making them comfortable, inviting, but also efficient and environmentally solid. We feature a variety of home designs that range from three to six bedrooms to ensure you have plenty of space for your family and for your lifestyle. With more people working and studying from home, you’ll find a variety of nooks, lofts, and studies perfect for your needs.

We also have a few quick-move-in homes if you’re ready to settle in right now and make the most of the rest of the summer and also get to enjoy the autumn scenery. We have three- and four-bedroom homes available now with 3,000+ square feet, with prices starting around the $550s. Inside, you’ll find homes that inevitably focus around the kitchen and family room, the heart of almost every home. Yet there’s plenty of open, airy spaciousness, and thoughtfully designed flow to make the home feel right for every family member, providing private, peaceful spaces, as much as open-plan areas.

If Barefoot Lakes sounds like the kind of place you want to explore — with or without shoes — contact us today to learn more about this exciting new community of Firestone CO new homes. We’re happy to help you find just the right home where you can wiggle your toes in the grass and feel like you’re putting down strong, solid roots.

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