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Community Profile: Barefoot Lakes

May 22, 2022

With temperatures starting to warm up, those lazy days of summer spent barefoot in lakes and lawns become fond memories that you wouldn’t mind reliving. Fortunately, the appropriately named Barefoot Lakes community of Firestone CO new homes gives you that opportunity if you want – or you can wear shoes, of course. It’s easy to forget some of the ouches that go along with being barefoot!

Regardless, Barefoot Lakes is the ideal place to make the most of summer, but it’s a pretty fantastic place to live year round. The community is going to be home to three neighborhoods, starting now with WaterSide neighborhood. You’ll find neighborhood trails that are ideal for running, walking, or a nice leisurely stroll, passing through WaterSide Park before heading down to almost 3 miles of lakeside trails that circle the community’s twin lakes that are a beautiful sapphire blue.

Barefoot Lakes isn’t just about getting out and walking or running. After all, there are more than 100 acres of lakes in the community, not to mention multiple park areas, and even open areas, ideal for games and events. You can enjoy a family picnic, sit back and relax and enjoy the views, unwind from a tough day, and enjoy a neighborhood where nature is everywhere you look, rather than barren rows of houses. This is how a Colorado community is supposed to look!

Plus, we build homes that care about all of that nature. Our homes exceed various energy rating standards, which means you’re living greener for the environment, but you’re also saving some green, as in the money you save on energy bills. Ultimately, though, we care about building homes that are comfortable and designed with families in mind. We know the kitchen is often the hub of the home, even if cooking isn’t anyone’s passion, so we build ones that are comfortable and allow for conversation as well as cooking – or spreading out the take-out.

Of course, we also include welcoming living rooms, and create attractive bedrooms where everyone can have some time to themselves when needed. Many of our homes include the necessary study for a home office, and we like to create a sense of open airiness in our homes with lots of windows and loft areas in upper levels that are open to the lower level.

If all of this is sounding incredibly appealing to you – and why wouldn’t it – contact us today to learn more about the Firestone CO new homes we’re building in the new Barefoot Lakes community. Barefoot or not, we think you’ll love living here.

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