Best Thanksgiving Colors for Your Table

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Best Thanksgiving Colors for Your Table

November 10, 2020

Thanksgiving inspires thoughts of food more than colors, though the colors of some of the foods have become part of the most common color palettes for the holiday. Autumn colors are typically what people turn to, with shades of brown, orange, red, and maybe a bit of bright yellow. But the same colors every year can be a bit boring. Try using some new color combinations in your new homes in Colorado Springs this Thanksgiving and maybe you’ll find some color traditions to embrace!

While orange is a classic, orange and purple are a surprisingly great color combo. For a real pop, add in some pink, as well. Use a combination of the three colors in items such as big candles and flowers for the table centerpiece. Then choose one color or a combination for placemats and napkins, while keeping the tablecloth and plates white or cream, to add a warm, fun bit of flair to your table.

Another option is to turn to plum colors, rather than a brighter purple. Choose one shade of plum and let it carry throughout much of your table decoration, such as silk flowers, ribbons, tealight candle holders, and napkins. Create a more refined appearance with a white table cloth, and gold accents, such as charger plates and silverware. The single, rich shade, with the touch of gold creates a bold, but elegant display.

If you have a white, modern dining room, embrace the minimalism and stick with white and pale wood decorations and serving dishes. If you have a light wood table, skip the tablecloth and focus on attractive white serving dishes and small arrangements of white flowers — with just a touch of greenery — in small white vases. Light wood bowls can be used for bread or rolls, and natural wood stands can be used to ultimately create more room on the table as the stands stylishly hold up various serving dishes. Choose natural fiber placemats and sand-colored or white napkins to round out the minimalist approach in which the food becomes the color.

Finally, another great color option if your dining room is primarily white, is a red-and-white checkered pattern. Use the fabric for your tablecloth and napkins and then use white for everything else. The checkered patterns add a homey, almost Normal Rockwell Americana vibe that seems perfect for Thanksgiving. Plus, if you don’t want to look more like an Italian bistro, choose a checkered pattern that is more like a tartan than your standard picnic cloth. You could also choose different colors, rather than red, for your cloth, such as a rich wine color, or even a fun, bright orange. A lush centerpiece of white mums or similar blooms, perhaps with sprigs of red berries or orange leaves stuck in among the blooms to match your color scheme keeps things simple but timeless.

These are just a few new ways to bring some new life to Thanksgiving color palettes when it comes to decorating your table. Feel free to break the rules and go for colorful paisley or get out the gold glitter spray paint and add your own festive touches to decorations. If you’re in one of our new homes in Colorado Springs and celebrating your first Thanksgiving in the home, create some new traditions and decorations and make sure you have fun with the people sharing the day with you.

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