Benefits of Living in Colorado Springs

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Benefits of Living in Colorado Springs

February 13, 2022

If you’re considering moving to Colorado Springs you’ll be interested to know that our Wolf Ranch community has added some new homesites with mountain views and large cul de sacs. Paired with energy efficient homes that are thoughtfully designed, this community of homes in Colorado Springs has a lot going for it. Plus, there are all of the benefits of living in Colorado Springs itself!

A lot of companies are moving to Colorado Springs or starting up in the area, resulting in great job opportunities and the potential for growth. Colorado has been growing significantly for the past decade and Colorado Springs is often leading that growth. Even with the steady growth, which is leading to some increases in cost of living, the city remains one of the most affordable cities in the US.

Denver is nearby, which is great for taking in the big city perks, but Colorado Springs is ideal for those with families who want a more suburban place to settle. Plus, there are still plenty of activities and community events in Colorado Springs to keep you happy staying local. This is where you’ll find larger homes, spacious yards, great weather – low humidity and around 243 sunny days per year – and lots of green spaces, hiking trails, and numerous parks. You’re surrounded by great nature and plenty of outdoor activities for all ages and skill levels.

In fact, everywhere you go in Colorado Springs, you can see Pikes Peak. Plenty of people use the Rocky Mountains to help guide them around town as a pretty impressive compass marker. For example, if the mountains are on your right, you’re heading south! For those who like a serious hike, Barr Trail will appeal. Pikes Peak is also more than just for climbing. There’s mountain biking, kayaking, and fishing, too, and during the winter, you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, playing hockey, going snowshoeing, and more.  For a more relaxed outing, plenty of people just go out for scenic drives or you can take a ride on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad.

Colorado Springs is also home to a variety of museums. There’s the ProRodeo Hall of Fame & Museum of the American Cowboy, but there’s also the Space Foundation Discovery Center, which is particularly popular with kids. Other options include See the World Figure Skating Museum & Hall of Fame where you’ll see the most expansive collection of figure skating artifacts and learn about many distinguished skaters. There’s also the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, which includes permanent exhibits, as well as traveling exhibits.

These are just a few of the highlights of Colorado Springs. You can go for hot air balloon rides, especially on Labor Day when it becomes a huge event. You’ll also find great dining, with plenty of cuisines available including German, Hungarian, Salvadorian, Colombian and more. Plus, there are plenty of craft beer breweries and bars around to explore. Many offer unique flavors, such as Peaches and Cream Ale, Pistachio Nut Brown, Cantaloupe Gose, and more at Goat Patch Brewing Company. Others include Peaks N Pines that offers a range of craft beers, hosts a trivia night on Tuesdays, and has local food trucks on hand.

It’s clear that Colorado Springs offers plenty to keep you entertained, employed, active, and fed, so if you’re interested in purchasing one of the homes in Colorado Springs, consider the Wolf Ranch community for quality built homes designed with families in mind. Contact us today to learn more.

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